Experimenting with blockchain


  • The Italian Treasury Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance has announced a decree that requires cryptocurrency businesses to report any crypto-operated activities to the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The purpose is to create transparency and to understand businesses’ actions and procedures regarding the trend before it takes over the economy
  •  No inhibiting government interventions
  • The most recent decree does not impose taxes on transactions or regulates exchanges
  • An incremental amount of businesses accept bitcoins as a payment method
  • Since 2014, an association called, The Blockchain Education Network Italia, has been organising conferences and initiatives encompassing Blockchain development. One of those initiatives is the BlockchainLab, providing profound analysis of the trend and acting as a network for like-minded Italian researchers.
  • Even television has aroused the citizens’ interest— the show Codice deals with the blockchain technology. Italian Blockchain leaders and experts explain the innovation with the objective to raise public awareness and acceptance of blockchain. The show has turned into a huge success and became the number one shared hashtag on Twitter.
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